I’ve been talking on and off with my good art director friend Eric Adolfsen about collaborating on a project for his bar/lounge in NYC, The Wooly. Hiding inside the Woolworth building, the Wooly seems like a super-sweet venue, filled with eccentric paintings, neat decor and fancy drinks! We decided to start off creating a couple of portraits based on signature drinks for the bar. This is my first time working on artwork for an environment, and I’m addicted— we’ll be making at least one or two more portraits for it, and possibly some handlettering for some mirrors. Stay tuned for more and if you’re in NYC, go grab a drink!

If any other clients are up for working on some space/venue oriented work, I’d love to work with you! It’d be so much fun to design a food cart, create some artwork for some walls, design a menu, window display, etc! I’m game for the challenge.